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Forget about website maintenance so you can focus on your business

Easy website updates WITHOUT hourly fees! Small changes are included with several plans, just submit your requests!

Have questions about social media, email marketing, content creation, search optimization...? Get actionable answers to your digital marketing questions though private, one-on-one consulting sessions!

Get the support and coaching you need to help you harness your digital strategy and ACCELERATE your business

Components of an Online Business Continuity Plan

WordPress Core, Framework, Theme & Plugin Updates

Maintain the various components of your WordPress website with frequent updates. We ensure those updates don't disrupt the daily operations of your site.

Backups - Site, Database, Content, Media

Regular backups are required to ensure that no data is lost during updates or other routine maintenance and so your site can be quickly and painlessly revived in the event of a plugin conflict or security hack.

Security & Malware Scans

Hackers are out there. We protect your site from security breaches, malware, comment spam, login hacks and more through proactive measures and regular security scans.

Priority Support

We offer priority support to ALL of our clients. We're here for you whenever you need us!

Uptime Monitoring

24/7 monitoring because no one wants your website to go down, especially us!

Monthly Maintenance Report

Ever wonder whether or not you're getting what you've paid for? With monthly maintenance reports, wonder no more!

Comment Spam & Revisions Cleanup

Spammers like to spam. We don't like spam. By cleaning up spam and revisions on your site, we speed up your site and keep the SEO bots happy.

Site Speed Checks

Ever gotten bored waiting for a slow site to load? So do the search spiders and if your site is too slow Google's spiders will actually punish you for it! See they believe in a good user experience and so do we, so we ensure your site is super charged!

Search Optimization / SEO

SEO is a complex and ever-changing algorithm and can be impacted by several factors. Find out where your visitors are coming from and how they got to your site so that you can optimize your content and drive more traffic!

Accelerated Growth

Here's where things get exciting!

We don't just want to host and maintain your site, we want to help you achieve your business goals by leveraging proven Digital Marketing and SEO strategies to driving your business to the next level!

Site Update or Support Tasks

Update that text, add an image, embed a video, update a form, change a price or add a product to your ecommerce store... all without worrying about bothering your web developer or wondering how much it's going to cost!

Site updates / support tasks under 30 minutes are built in!

Strategy / Support / Coaching Calls

Need coaching on your content? Looking for advice about running an Instagram contest? Wondering how to improve your SEO? Let our digital marketing experts guide you!

These monthly calls can be whatever you want them to be. You have questions; we've got answers!

More Options. More Guidance.
More Support to help you GROW your business online!

Pay as you go * No long term contracts * 30 day cancellation
No setup fees for existing Wirebird Media clients! (limited time offer)



$95 per Month
  • WordPress Core (the engine) Updates
  • WP Plugin & Theme Updates (monthly)
  • Daily Database Backups
  • Monthly Full Site Backups
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Standard Support
  • Comment Spam & Revisions Cleanup
  • Site Speed Check


$145 per Month
  • Everything in Personal PLUS
  • WP Core, Plugin & Theme Updates (2x month)
  • 2 Site Update or Support Tasks (< 30 min each)
  • Scan & Fix Broken Links
  • Priority Support
  • Monthly Maintenance Report


$215 per Month (#1 choice!)
  • Everything in Pro PLUS
  • WP Core, Plugin & Theme Updates (as released)
  • 4 Site Update or Support Tasks (< 30 min each)
  • 1 Strategy / Support / Coaching Call per month (1 hour)
  • Google Analytics SEO Report (up to 4 keywords)


$325 per Month
  • Everything in Pro PLUS
  • WP Core, Plugin & Theme Updates (as released)
  • 6 Site Update or Support Tasks (< 30 min each)
  • 2 Strategy / Support / Coaching Calls per month (1 hour each)
  • Google Analytics SEO Report (Up to 10 keywords)
  • Support for advanced websites (RSS aggregators, complex membership and e-commerce sites, etc.)

* NOTE: Above rates are valid for on-going, monthly maintenance plans for sites built by Wirebird Media. For non-Wirebird-built sites, please contact us for a custom quote. One-time maintenance is billed per complexity of site - membership, e-commerce, etc - and length of time since last update. One-time maintenance plans start at $400.

Happy customers make us happy!

OlinAs a result of Sara's professional work, we continue to leverage the excellent foundation (web and digital marketing) and SEO platform she created for us. I would certainly recommend Sara to anyone who is considering hiring her!

BrettSara certainly knows her stuff and is very good at what she does. She is also very skilled at knowing what suits her clients and designing with their character in mind. She is a joy to work with!

HeatherI trust in Sara implicitly and know that if I asked for help or requested work to get done, she would do so expeditiously and with great care. You have an asset and a team player in Sara and I would highly recommend her for her talents, work ethic and enthusiasm!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an Online Business Continuity Plan?

Imagine that your website were hacked. Maybe it has spam splashed across your pages or maybe it's down entirely. Uh oh.

Can you afford to have your business look like a black hole online?
How much is it going to cost you in lost revenue?

Who are you gonna call? And how much is it going to cost?!

We offer these Online Business Continuity Plans so that we can be PROACTIVE, instead of reactive, to protect our client's sites against online spammers and hackers. In 7 years of offering these services we have yet to lose ONE SINGLE SITE to malware, spam or hackers.

We follow proven guidelines and security measures from the top WordPress security experts to ensure your sites stay up and spam free.

Through these plans we are also able to offer additional services to our clients to help accelerate and grow their business online.

What about hosting?

Here's the deal. We've all seen advertisements for dirt cheap hosting. And for most simple, brochure sites without a lot of traffic, those hosting solutions may be sufficient. But if you are running a high traffic site, e-commerce, membership or any other "heavy lifting" integrations, you need more than bargain basement hosting.

The most important thing for a WordPress website is actually the ongoing maintenance, security patching, updates and upgrades and backups...


For hosting, we offer our clients two different options:
  1.  We can host your site on our servers for an additional $10/month. We monitor and take responsibility for overall server function. We will move your site to a different hosting platform or server and/or do other work on the server if the hosting is not up to our (really high) standards.
  2.  We can refer you to third party hosting companies based on our most current research and you can choose to go with one of those hosts or choose your own third party host. Unfortunately we cannot take as much responsibility for third-party hosting as we do with sites running on our hosting platform(s) and cannot ensure the same performance, security, site speed or other server functions.
What is included in the Site Update or Support Tasks?

Pretty much ANYTHING you want done on your site that we deem can be completed in under 30 minutes!

Examples:changes to colors, fonts, simple layouts (aka CSS); adjust, test or troubleshoot forms; changes to widgets or menus; content changes; simple blog posts; social syndication (send post to Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

Do I have to renew each month / year? What is the cancellation policy?

Your Online Business Continuity Plan renews automatically on a monthly basis with the payment method used when you registered your account.

If you want to change your plan tier or need to cancel your services, we ask for a 30 day notice due to the complexities with moving sites between hosting servers and so that we can properly wrap up any projects we have in progress for you.

To change your billing information or to upgrade/downgrade, or cancel your plan, please send a message to or submit a ticket through the ticketing system.

Please read our full Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

What makes your services different from other "managed" services?

Our maintenance services are tailored to provide what the bulk hosting companies don't offer - hands-on maintenance specially tailored to your site (including complex integrations such as e-commerce, memberships, forums...) - and PERSONALIZED 24/7 support.

We continually monitor your hosting for you and alert you to any problems or potential issues, giving you piece of mind that your site investment is secure. We proactively monitor for patterns of server problems and will move your site - without downtime - if necessary. Never worry about hosting again!

Before we update anything on your site we take a complete backup (they often only do the database which doesn't ensure a full recovery), vet the update for any potential conflicts, roll out each update INDIVIDUALLY, and ensure your site comes out clean and shiny.

Our plans also offer additional services and customized coaching to our clients to help accelerate and grow their business online. Offering far more value than simply hosting.

Why we recommend AGAINST the "managed" WordPress services offered by the large shared hosting companies: 

Shared hosting companies blindly roll out WordPress core, theme, framework and even plugin updates without working to minimize conflicts or ensuring that the update didn't break a page or function, or even worse, take down your entire site! In addition, these companies often do not take proper backups (one at a time on a random interval) and cannot restore your site back to where it might need to go - e.g. if something happened to your site Friday night and you didn't notice until Monday, they may not be able to fix it for you. We don't like those odds so we don't play that game.

Optional Add Ons

SEO Review & Coaching

Optimize your website with appropriate keywords, track your traffic and receive coaching and support to ensure your content and site structure are working for your business.

Social Media Strategy

Generate meaningful interactions with your followers and customers on social media with a social media strategy customized for your business and land your ideal customers!

Content Creation / Blog Posts

Effective content is the lifeblood of successful digital marketing. We can coach you, properly optimize and syndicate your posts for you... we can even create your custom content!

Membership Sites

Running a membership site takes special consideration and requires careful maintenance and planning. Let us guide and support you so you can focus on your community.

These services are highly customized to your needs so please contact us for a custom quote!

Unsure which plan is right for you?

Are you looking to maintain your business as is or do you want to grow and accelerate your online business? We have plans for businesses in all stages!